Aleksey Razin

Creative Director

Game is the most natural way of interaction between people. During the course of a game personality is evolving easily, swiftly and harmoniously. For me, game is a highly organised system to produce and sustain energy. The acquired energy may be forwarded to various activities: effective training, quality leisure or team spirit entrenchment.

Kristiina Lees

Game architect

Everything that excist before we sense it – is called reality. Everything that we create – is called actuality. I believe that game is the method that gives opportunity to every participant to create their own actuality.

Svetlana Matskevits

Educational Specialist

Game – first of all – is a creativity, interaction, ability to test yourself by breaking routine behavioural pattern.

Kira Reiman


Game gives us opportunity for selfrealization. In the game persons develope freely and harmonically. Our inner growth begins as we cross the line between the reality and the game. And we have to take into account that we take all our inner changes with us to reality. This is what I call miracle.

Elizabeth Dulberg


I admire the point of a game, when mere gaming tasks turn into more immerse significance for players. At that point the game is being dissipated as to be re-emerged as general symbolic world, where everything is possible. Having been pervaded with sincere senses and creative revelations, this world remains in the memory forever

Kristina Tramberg


Game is a perfect opportunity to explore world. In 2004 I published games compilation in Estonian: Dance on the shop floor. My experience indicates that in the course of a game both kids and adults learn more effectively.

Yekaterina Gvirdzhishvilli

Youth Consultant

The game enables us at some point to turn impossible to reality, not just to live your own life, not just to sense accustomed and predictable emotions, but also to become aware of own potential becoming MORE advanced at every point.