Winter days

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Winter days

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Summer & winter days provide a good opportunity to spend time with colleagues in informal atmosphere. We conduct alcohol free events based on the company values. The events are created using the best creative games of the GAME club, what makes it possible to observe each other from unseen and unexpected angles.

Summer & winter games, organized by the GAME club, are based on the following principles:

- The joy of mutual creativity produces pure energy. As a result, the new corporate values, both material and intellectual are born.

- The right cerebral hemisphere, which regularly stays inactive in the usual life, gets involved in the game. Deliverance from routine helps to produce new ideas, what may lead to increase of productivity.

- There are a few things that unite people better than joy of mutual creativity. Fun and creativity is the best foundation for every team.

- During the process of creativity a man's true character comes out and new opportunities of interaction are revealed. People are the backbone of any organisation. Quality of their work depends on the quality of their relationship.

- Creative games set no limits, they don't have any age or physical restrictions. There are people of different ages, interests and values in all organisations – creativity involves and unites everyone.