Wedding is a significant event in every man’s and woman’s life. It’s a mystery, when two families become one. This is a celebration of an epic scale.

For many centuries massive social games have maintained their important role in the culture, transforming into modern conception of festival.


Game is the basis of every event.

  • Contemporary celebration is both a game and not a game at the same time. The game forms a celebration, being at the same time a part of it.
  • No trite contests. Alas, a contest of rolling an egg from groom’s one pocket to another  would need to be kept until another occasion.
  • Specific approach to every event. Every couple is unique. Every wedding should reflect this uniqueness.
  • Good and friendly humour. Unexpected games and creative tasks will fill the wedding atmosphere with energy of fun and happiness. There are no hackneyed anecdotes from the old times – jokes are being born right here and right now.
  • Event emcees are the groom and the bride. According to our approach the groom and the bride are the center of event, filling the atmosthere of the event with mutual energy.
  • Moment of silence. Every wedding event sooner or later approaches the moment of silence – when the guests become quiet and listen to the couple. Wedding is not only bright and loud celebration, but also deep and quiet event.
  • A joy of mutual creativity. The couple and the guests are those, who create the event. The celebration is born and developed from inside during the event, rather than being prepared in advance and produced as stencil.
  • Improvisation. The event is unveiled right here and right now under our experienced management. The scenario is compiled in details, but there is enough space also for the guests and the main participants improvisation.
  • Symbolism. The event can be elevated to a totally different level of perception by implementing some symbolic techniques. Sometimes a candle lightened in the hands of the couple accompanied by special music and appropriate atmosphere would create a more vivid impression than long lasting fireworks.
  • The newly wedded couple disappears. Often we make the main participants disappear... That’s the real mystery...

    Every pair gets a gift from us – VIP invitation to our open club game sessions for 2 people.