Seminar for teachers

GAME Club seminar on development of educational games

Description:Basing on our seven-year experience  as game architects we have developed a unique seminar, which allows teachers, coaches and anyone interested to learn to develop their own games. A simple principle lies at the core of GAME club’s educational games: the best teacher is life itself!

Goals: To point out advantages of game-based learning approach as a method of teaching. In the course of the seminar the participants will familiarize themselves with the educational game development algorithm. At the end of the seminar, the participants will present their own original game, developed on the base of the learned theory.

Target Audience:School principals, teachers, schools psychologists, speech therapists.

Host:   The seminar is being hosted by Aleksei Razin, the creative director of GAME club and an experienced game architect who has developed over 70 different educational games. „I am deeply intrigued by the game phenomenon,” says Aleksei,”From my seven-year practical experience I can tell that a well-designed game will leave no one indifferent.”

Event schedule:

Day One (4 hours): Ice breaking and bringing the participants closer together via GAME club gaming program, unlocking the group’s creative potential. Gaining game experience as a participant.

What is the game’s power?

-       Participants get to know each other.
-       Participants familiarize themselves with GAME club games conducted in schools.
-       Participants discover the advantages of game-based learning approach a method of working with a group.
-       Participants take a part of the game.

Day Two (6 hours): Learning the theory of game development and the laws of gaming interactions. Development of educational games on the basis of GAME club three-hour gaming model. Gaining experience as game operators. 

How is a game created?