GAME club has been developing creative, social and educational games since 2006. Our team includes psychologist, pedagogue, career counselor and game architect. Throught the game personality develops freely, briskly and harmoniously. For us an educational game is a clearly designed system, which is based on concrete goals. Most of the games model life-like situations, based on a simple fact that the best teacher is always life itself. Thanks to the power of the game we have been able to verify this.

The games, shown below, create a single cycle. We suggest to hold the games in each class once a month. One game lasts 2 hours. Usually games are taking place in the assembly hall of the school.

GAME club games contribute to the individual development of each student in the class and favor the development of the class as a whole.


Our games

-          Teach to form and express one’s opinion;
-          Develop social and communication skills;
-          Activate the existing knowledge and experience;
-          Teach non-standard thinking;
-          Develop the ability to make decisions.


Our games

-          Help students to get to know each other better;
-          Enable to see classmates in a new light;
-          Improve the atmosphere in the class;
-          Teach to listen and hear classmates;
-          Provide the unique thrill of a joint experience.

9 GAMES FOR grades 5 to 12:


1. game "Choice"

1. game \
  • Taking responsibility.
  • Ability to decide.
  • Evaluation of one's choice

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2. game "Career"

2. game \
  • Evaluation of one's strengths.
  • Deciding on a professionchoices.
  • Checking one's choice in game situations.

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3. game "M and F"

3. game \
  • Understanding the differences in the perception of the world by girls and boys.
  • Seeking and finding common ground with the opposite sex.
  • Finding common values.

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4. game "Money"

4. game \
  • Cash andmy priorities.
  • Short-term and long-term planning.
  • Money as one of many resources.

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5. game "Team"

5. game \
  • Team Spirit development.
  • Identifying the strengths of each team member.
  • Confidence-building in the class.

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6. game "Business"

6. game \
  • Developing a unique service by students’ efforts.
  • Development of advertising one's services.
  • Understanding principles of competition and demand.

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7. game "Project"

7. game \
  • Brainstorm experience.
  • Path from an idea to it’s implementationto implementation.
  • Main stages of a project.

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9. game "Leaders"

9. game \
  • Identification of the characteristics needed to bea leader.
  • Selecting leaders from among well-known persons.
  • Anyone can experience the role of a leader.

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9. game "Creativity"

9. game \
  • Identifitation of creative potential of the class.
  • Ability to think outside-the-box.
  • Highlighting the creative uniqueness of each student.

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