Language learning game course – Russian, Estonian, English

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Language learning game course – Russian, Estonian, English

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The quality of people’s work depends directly on the quality of their interaction with clients and each other. We have developed the series of games, which break language barriers and activate vocabulary. Each participant takes active part in the learning process according to his individual language skills. The topics of the game are matched in accordance with client’s preferences. These aspects are underpinned whilst preparing adult language game scenarios:

We create out language games taking into consideration the following basic rules:

• our games are based on the humanistic approach
• we create convenient and friendly atmosphere in the group
• entire absence of assessment
• entire presence of humour
• active participation of all guests
• maximum use of creative potential of the participants
• task preparation considering participants’ preferences
• task complexity and game dynamics is rising and developing together with the game
• every participant takes part in the training process according to his language skills
• all tasks can be completed despite the language skills of the participants (tasks are based on knowledge of language possessed at school)
• every participant decides how deep he will go into the game