International projects and franchise

The game has no geographic boundaries, therefore we organise our events outside Estonia as well.

What we offer to our foreign partners:


- Franchise opportunity and implementation of the GAME club business model in your country
- The original programme of trainings and games
- We conduct games both in English (Europe) and Russian (Russia)
- A two-day training seminar for teachers concerning the development and implementation of the games
- Participation in international projects as coaches and specialists in the sphere of non-formal education (the “Game” concept)
- A series of designer games developed for using and studying the Russian language

Our partner in Slovenia:

Games organized and played in the frame of a tc magic world of games were fun and cool to play. Participant enjoyed the games, especially the game named Illusion. This game gave a lot of space for creativity and stimulated imagination of the participants. The same goes for the game "5 minutes service". Game "Airport" was a dynamic and fun energizer, which offered participant a lot of fun and motivated them for the following activity. Very interesting input was given by the game in which the participant were "playing" with water. We were trying to find out if the water is alive...The result was surprising and if you want to know what the result showed you'll have to try and play! You will have fun playing all the games for sure!!

Lukavečki Nina

Project manager, Mladinski center, Dravinjske doline, Slovenia


Our partner in Russia:

The creative studio ‘BE-HAPPY-Project’ would like to express its gratitude to the GAME club company for the organisation of the ‘Choice’ and ‘Stereotypes’ game trainings on the premises of ‘BE-HAPPY’ studio. We received plenty of positive emotions and meaningful experience. However, the most important fact is that your games, despite being easy in form and presentation, give an impulse to the re-valuation of one’s opinion about certain concepts that we use for building our lives. We thank you for giving us cause for reflexion. The doors of our studio will always be open, and we hope to see you visit us again soon! We wish you success in what you do!

Tatyana Ivanova

Creative Director,  BE-HAPPY-Project, St. Petersburg, Russia