Feedback from teachers

Catherine  Gridneva

Director, Sakala private school 

 The main distinguishing feature of GAME club is the creative approach, active use of informal educational methods, use of games as a means of perceiving reality, as a most natural way of acquiring knowledge, skills and expertise. The social and educational value of games is being revealed in the process of developing and executing the gaming programs. The effective and appealing to young people work of GAME club specialists is worth a separate mention. Judging from our cooperation with GAME club, we are certain that their work allows participating students to reappraise their role and place is the modern business society.

–Ęatiana Zhayvoronskaya

Teacher, Tallinn Humanitarian Gymnasium

Here is what the kids have told me about the last game called The Leaders. They liked it, especially the last part. They have noticed that they had to make decisions they were not always prepared to make – hesitating, being afraid to make a wrong choice. They have felt themselves equals, no one being the best. They have told that the game has brought them closer together making their communication during breaks easier. They have learned to listen to each other and learned new things about their classmates. There also was a criticism - the game was not as fun as the previous one called The Team.:)

I would say that they have become more open, I guess, we have had trusting relationship before that as well: they would drop in once in a while for a piece of advice or just to chat but now every day starts with hugs with the girls and the boys are always hanging around.

Anna Ulimova

Teacher, Sakala private school

 Another game within the framework of the project „Game experience! Learning experience? Life experience...“is through. The task set for the participants by the game „The Project“ for so-called adult point-of-view, seems to be complex and multilayered. Yet the young and creative cope with it. It is the time of life when no obstacles exist! There can be difficulties in finding common ground, in understanding and being understood. Yet thanks to the desire for success the participants have created a business plan and showed flexibility under rapidly changing circumstances. And the main part is that these young people have been communicating and creating together! I don’t know if the kids were worried waiting for the finalbut I definitely was. At last, the 4 parts of The Project has come together as a whole. The Project is done and so is the game. We have lived through many situations and received a lot of experience in 3 hours. And as said, in any science, in any art, the best teacher is experience.

Pavel Vasilyev

Teacher, Tallinn Linnamyae Russian Lyceum

I have heard about GAME club a long time ago but have not seen in person how are the games and trainings conducted. And at last I have got the opportunity to visit the game “Creation” with the Tallinn Russian Linnamäe Lycee.

I would like to point out that the games were held in a very relaxed and creative atmosphere. It was clear that the students liked the process and were totally carried away by it.

The game has allowed the kids to implement all the qualities and skills that usually get lost in the school routine – to be creative in all the meanings of the word: exchange names, present themselves differently, build statues with food, draw, imitate etc. The feedback that I have got from the student was absolutely positive. Everyone enjoyed the time, and felt they could go on for much longer with the creative work.