Clients about us

Janus Vahtra

The Creative Director, Advertising Agency TAEVAS Ogilvy

First of all, thank you very much, indeed. The game has been fascinating and exciting. Especially, I did like the game involving the procurement of services at the place. Every day I often come across with incompetence in relation to occurrences at work, when people are not aware, how much time the specific job takes. Nowadays many young people, having graduated from university, go to work to compile Excel tables, having no idea how much time the actual labour takes.

Yekaterina Gridneva

The Director of The Independent Gymnasium Sakala

Among distinctive features of the Gameclub operations I should emphasise creative approach, informal studies’ technique implementation, and use of the game process as the way to obtain knowledge of surrounding reality, as the most natural way to obtain knowledge, skills and practice. Whilst creating and conducting game sessions the social, communicative and training value of the game is being revealed. I would like to point out the efficient expert work, which is up to date and pose a true interest to adolescent. Given the examples of our collaboration, we realise that the GAME club work has enabled our students, as the participants of the game sessions, to observe from a different angle their role and place in contemporary business community.

Tatyana Ivanova

The Creative Director of the BE-HAPPY-Project Studio, St Petersburg

The creative studio BE-HAPPY-Project expresses gratitude to the Gameclub Company for conducting The Choice and Stereotypes game sessions in the BE-HAPPY studio base. We have received a vast number of positive emotions and constructive experience. The main point is that your game sessions - despite their easy going approach and presentation - galvanize to revaluate some of our judgements, which we refer to while getting on in our lives. Thank you for directing to the area of reflection. Our studio gates are always open, we anticipate seeing you again!  We wish you a lot of creative success!


Margit Hallap

The Human Resources Manager, Transcom Estonia OU

What is the significance of the GAME club event?

-       Distracts from daily routine
-       Allows to think in a different manner, increasing creativity
-       Relieves stress

Despite the fact that every game had been targeted to specific skills improvement, you could still enjoy the mere process. The game allowed me to abandon the role of a controlling adult.


Tatyana Pozogina

The Director of Nursery Suur-Pae

The game sessions have let us relax, forget about our problems and have improved our mood. Colleagues behaved in a relaxed manner, playing from the heart and sincerely expressing themselves during the course of the game. Mutual assistance, understanding and trust have been revealed during the games. According to training participants’ inferences the game has caused team cohesion. The most remarkable was the game session, where it had been offered to recall the most vivid reminiscence of the childhood. The games involving improved leader skills and compliance attitude turned out to be very difficult as well as interesting ones, the same as the one which involved coordinating actions with no words spoken. I recommend to the management of all educational institutions, who would like to arrange staff training combined with benefits and amusement, seek assistance from the GAME club specialist.

Aet Tray

The Human Resources Manager, Eesti Vabaohumuuseum

Recalling the game, I cannot withhold a smile on my face. Good company and professional presenters have temporary enabled us to plunge into the atmosphere of childhood and sincere emotions. I wish you good luck and fresh ideas!


Natalia Kitam

The Project Manager, Etnoweb

The game has fulfilled the projected aim by 100%. I highly appreciate contribution of the Gameclub, especially their skill to split “the order” into logical stages. It has worked. I discern the climax of a training process in this technique – it is essential to adopt it in future.


Kira Mel

The Development Director, AS Eesti Post

There are two important aspects, which you can find in Gameclub sessions – joy (not mere smile or laugh) and self growth. Participation in games increases self-evaluation and self-confidence. Thank you for unforgettable game experience which has made me rich from inside. This is the place, where I can effectively spend my time.


Marika Kopylova

The HR Manager, AS Kontek Int

I believe that the distinction of the Gameclub sessions lays in their simplicity. People play as they would have been doing during the childhood, having forgotten about hurdles and self-control. That’s as simple as it is.