About us

“Game is a path beyond everyday life pattern into its own activity field with one’s rules,” J Heuseng.

Game is the most natural form of interaction between people during which the personality evolves freely, rapidly and harmoniously. If we were to recollect the most vivid blinks of our life, game would be present on nearly all occasions. We regard game as an articulated system creating and sustaining energy. The acquired energy may be redistributed to various aim’s accomplishment – effective training, quality leisure or team spirit entrenchment.

Today, the GAME club is a training & event management agency maintaining its original style. Our events, trainings and festivals consist for at least 50% of interactive designed games, which have been tried in our open club. We treat this club as a peculiar creative laboratory, where everyone is welcome to attend. We are collaborating with our colleagues herein to enhance our game technicians’ prowess, experiment involving novel forms and subjects, process feedback from participants. During 6 years of intensive work we have evolved a unique game creation algorithm, which is being trained by educational specialists, youth consultants and professional coaches.

The creational process of event and training scenarios pose no less gratification for us than their delivery. We treat game delivery with due diligence. The GAME club events are always bound for quality, essence, individually carved up approach and values of the client.

Our team consists of jovial specialist-practitioners, who want to make the world better using the power of a game. We conduct our sessions in Russian, Estonian and English. Our standard service packages at the moment are the following:

For businesses:

-       Training to unveil creativity potential
-       Gaming presentations
-       Estonian-Russian training
-       Incentivised training
-       Spend your summer and winter days with benefit
-       Team spirit development training
-       Learning language games
-       Corporate parties

For schools:

-       Game No 1 “My Choice”
-       Game No 2 “Career”
-       Game No 3 “Male & Female World”
-       Game No 4 “Money”
-       Game No 5 “Team”
-       Game No 6 “Business-Game”
-       Game No 7 “Project”
-       Game No 8 “Leaders”
-       Game No 9 “Creativity”

For individuals:

-       Quality leisure in town, club’s open game sessions
-       Wedding event presentation
-       Project “GAME Club LIFE” (Add gaming experience to your life)
-       Informal English language
-       Informal Estonian language

For partners:

-       Game development for training institutions
-       Mutual project management in conjunction with charitable organisations
-       Event management abroad with our overseas partners

Certainly, we are not committed to stagnate – our service range is constantly expanding.